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IEYC strives to promote international excellence.

With our abundance of programs geared towards success, we do just that!

Our programs not only inspire youth to achieve excellence but also introduces them to new cultures,

and gain a new understanding of the world around them.

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Leadership Exploration Program “L.E.A.P” Program
This program offers Chinese students the opportunity to have an All-American, classroom experience. With our highly qualified instructors, we bring traditional American-style teaching to International students around the world. Our camps are offered during the Winter and Summer months when schools are typically out of session for vacations or breaks. Classes are conveniently located at local elementary, middle and high schools.We offer a wide variety of courses that are sure to keep your child eager to learn. Sessions are typically seven days long and last approximately six hours, including thirty minutes for lunch.The classes are arranged so that students attend courses much like the kids in the United States. Each student is provided with a class schedule listing three courses, room numbers, teachers names and time schedule.


Chinese Heritage Program “Roots Trip”

IEYC coordinates severals trips to China for Chinese American Students to learn more about their Heritage, meet Chinese students, and gain a better understanding and appreciation for Chinese culture. To find roots in China was organized by the overseas Chinese Affairs Office while the  Chinese journey of exploration was initiated by IEYC and organized by IEYC together with some famous universities in China. It is aimed to help young children  in the USA  better understand the Chinese  culture, explore the 5000-year-old mystery and mythology of China, find the beauty and charm of the world’s fastest growing developing country —  China. As well as exchange local customs and practices of knowledge to children and adolescents the same age in China.

Hollywood International Youth Art Festival

Hollywood International Youth Music & Arts Festival is committed to gathering talented young people around the world, and providing an international platform for them to show their talents and celebrate together through music and arts, and enhancing the culture communication and understanding among young generations to establish a life-long friendship across national borders. The 1st festival in July 2010 attracted over 100 participants around the world, competing in Dance, Choir, and Instrument competitions, as well as opening and awarding ceremonies, where young musicians and artists were able to celebrate together through high-level music and art performances.Folk Arts was added in the competition category, to promote the ethnic diversity of music and arts.

Academic Programs

International students are able to experience the excitement of college and learning essential life skills to help them achieve their academic goals. Students learn from renowned faculty and staff while enjoying an unforgettable and life-changing experience! Our academic programs provide international students the educational and cultural immersion support to help them to successfully transition into American post-secondary education.

Art Programs

IEYC offers a variety of Art Programs, which inspire innovation and creativity. International students are able to learn about different cultures while exploring various art forms. Learning about the Arts allows students to enhance their inventiveness.Our Art Programs provide students with a way to express themselves and learn new skills at the same time.

Study in the U.S.
IEYC offers many “Study in the U.S.” programs for students around the world to participate in. Everything from Basketball to Performing Arts to Leadership Training. Every Study Tour includes a tour of some of the most famous landmarks in America. Meet American friends, experience new cultures, visit exciting places while studying and learning new skills in the United States.


and many more…

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