Academic Programs

IEYC offers many academically enriching programs.

International students are able to experience the excitement of college and learning essential life skills to help them achieve their academic goals.

Learn from renowned faculty and staff.

Enjoy an unforgettable and life-changing experience!


Grant Program

IEYC strives to build bridges with social loving enterprises, institutions, associations in order to help financially struggling children, school-aged children and adolescents to get an education, We provide timely assistance and support economically as well as mentally.

Scholarship Program

This program helps create opportunities for outstanding young children and provides necessary aid, which is beneficial to the mental growth, the reinforcement of abilities, and the enhancement of those abilities. In order to help build an interactive platform for future college students and leaders for social development.

Internship Placement Program

Students are able to gain work experience and transferable skills. Internships make students more marketable; possibly earn money or college credit. Be able to experience a prospective career path, gain practical experience, and develop new skills and refine your skills. Most importantly, gain confidence in your abilities!

Leadership Camp

Become a World Leader

The Youth Leadership Program is a workshop consisting of sessions that enable participants to develop communication and leadership skills through practical experience. The Youth Leadership Program fosters mutual understanding, respect, and civic engagement among international peers.
Leadership is the key to success in every profession and at the core of every youth leadership program. With Trigon, you will enjoy innovative and fun leadership workshops where you will both learn and apply essential leadership skills including: Team Building, Ethical Decision Making, Time Management, Goal Setting, Public Speaking, and Conflict Resolution.

ACEE Elementary Academy

ACEE Academy provides excellent academic instruction and experiences, but ACEE believes it is critical to prepare the whole student: academically, culturally, socially and emotionally. Critically, ACEE also facilitates a continued social network of peers, families and mentors that will be valuable resources to students and parents long after the program ends. By educating the whole student, and assisting to create continued social support, ACEE provides a complete 360°

College Prep 360* Program

The College Prep 360° Program is a 2-week immersion program that provides international students the educational and cultural immersion and continued support to successfully transition into American post-secondary education.  By educating the whole student, and assisting to create continued social support, Trigon provides a complete 360° program and sets the stage for success.

Understand and experience what California has to offer, ecosystems, culture, history, economic opportunities and more. Nurturing Homestay Families. Stay in nurturing families, interact with similarly-aged kids, enhance your English skills, and build life-changing relationships.

Wonderful High School Friends.  Students are paired with American high school students. Make friends and learn how they prepare for college. Dedicated Teachers & Mentors.  Prepare for standardized testing, college essays and application process. Critical Resources for future. Live and learn like  local students for two weeks.

and many more…

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